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  • Institute of Philosophy

    Post-Doctoral Research Associate

    The Role:
    The Institute of Philosophy, in collaboration with Kings College London, is seeking a suitable individual with training and experience in experimental psychology and/or cognitive neuroscience for a six month full-time postdoctoral research associate post in connection with the project, ‘Meaning for the Brain and Meaning for the Person’, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The post is for a fixed term of 6 months, starting on 4th January 2016.

    Professor Nicholas Shea, King’s College London, is the Principal Investigator of the project, the Institute of Philosophy is the Project Partner, and Professor Chris Frith at the Institute of Philosophy is the project’s main scientific collaborator. The post will be based at the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study.

    The postholder will contribute to the research carried out in pursuit of the project’s aims and objectives, including the design of experiments and conducting experimental work within the project’s theme under the supervision of Professor Frith at the Institute of Philosophy (IP). The postholder will prepare and publish papers; and contribute to the project website and public engagement events for the project.

    The Centre for the Study of the Senses:
    The Centre for the Study of the Senses, or CenSes, is hosted by the Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

    The CenSes pioneers collaborative sensory research across disciplines, drawing on the work of philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists and anthropologists, connecting groups of researchers from different fields and sectors who can benefit from one another’s results. The overall aim is to achieve a coherent framework to accommodate the welter of recent findings that have revised our understanding of how the different senses contribute to our perception of the environment, and awareness of ourselves

    You can find out more about CenSes, and the Rethinking the Senses project, here:

    The Project:
    Nicholas Shea, Professor of Philosophy at King's College London, has been awarded a two year AHRC Fellowship grant for a project on 'Meaning for the Brain and Meaning for the Person'. He is hosted at the Institute of Philosophy for part of the project, working in collaboration with Professor Chris Frith and others at the IP.

    The project has two aspects. The first is to characterise how meaning or representational content arises from the information processing carried out in the brain ‘subpersonally’, that is to say without being conscious or available to the subject. The second aspect is to characterise ways in which information processing is different at the personal level, i.e. in the case of mental states like visual experiences, beliefs and decisions which are consciously experienced or available for report by the subject. The appointee will be primarily involved in testing hypotheses related to the second aspect of the project. S/he will have access to the laboratory of the Centre for the Study of the Senses (Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London), which is equipped to conduct psychophysical experiments, eye movement recording, etc.

    The project falls under the AHRC's Science in Culture theme, which also funds the Rethinking the Senses project at the IP.

    Further Information:
    Please note this is a fixed term role for 6 months. The postholder will be an employee of the University of London and subject to University of London terms and conditions.

    Attention: changes to recruitment system
    Please note that this advert will close on Sunday 16th August and re-open on Monday 17th August until Sunday 6 September.

    This is due to a change in the University’s recruitment system, taking place on Monday 17th August.

    Unfortunately, we cannot transfer applications between recruitment systems. Therefore all applications started before Sunday 16th August must be completed by this date. All applications started after Monday 17th August must be completed by Sunday 6 September, which is the final deadline for all applications.

    All applications will be considered equally.

    The University offers membership to the Universities’ Superannuation Scheme (USS).

    Pursuing equal opportunities and excellence in education.

    Opportunity type: Job
    Reference number: 000079
    Institute of Philosophy
    Closing date: 06/09/2015
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  • Institute of English Studies

    Events Officer

    The Role:
    We are seeking a suitably experienced Events Officer to co-ordinate the organisation of, and to be the first point of contact for, the Institute of English Studies’ programme of conferences, seminars, book launches, and other events.

    You will have a strong track record in co-ordinating and organising successful and cost-effective events, ideally in the Higher Education sector. You will have experience of academic liaison and the ability to develop effective professional relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

    Experience of tracking and reporting event expenditure against an agreed budget is a must.

    The School of Advanced Study:
    The School of Advanced Study, University of London, is a unique institution in UK higher education. Comprising a set of postgraduate institutes and a variety of central academic initiatives, it is located within the Bloomsbury precinct of the University in the intellectual heart of London. It is the UK’s national and international centre for the support, promotion and facilitation of research in the humanities, broadly defined. It does this in collaboration with other organisations, notably the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the British Academy (BA), learned societies and government agencies.

    The institutes of the School are:
    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    Institute of Classical Studies
    Institute of Commonwealth Studies
    Institute of English Studies
    Institute of Historical Research
    Institute of Latin American Studies
    Institute of Modern Languages Research
    Institute of Philosophy
    Warburg Institute

    Central academic initiatives include:
    The Human Rights Consortium
    Public Engagement: ‘Being Human’ UK National Humanities Festival
    Visiting Fellows Programme
    The Human Mind Project
    Centre for Post-Colonial Studies

    The mission of the School of Advanced Study (SAS) is to support national and international humanities researchers and scholars by creating opportunities for developing new research agendas and providing unique specialist services and resources. This stems from the special role and funding for research promotion and facilitation across the UK and internationally that HEFCE has given to the School.

    In delivering our programme we are supported by the University of London which has, as a key part of its academic strategy, the School’s mission to deliver world-class research promotion and facilitation.

    Further Information:
    For a full job description, person specification, and to apply, please click on the link below.

    Closing date for applications is 7 September 2015.

    The University of London is an Equal Opportunities employer.

    The University offers membership to the SAUL pension scheme

    Opportunity type: Job
    Reference number: 000085
    Institute of English Studies
    Closing date: 07/09/2015
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  • Warburg Institute

    Buildings and Facilities Manager

    The Role:
    We are looking for a suitably experienced individual to ensure the effective day to day operation of the Warburg Institute building. Responsibilities will include oversight of building security, maintenance and refurbishment, health and safety and the provision of IT and AV facilities for a premier research Institute which attracts students and scholars from around the world.

    To succeed in this role you will have experience of building facilities management, possibly within a larger facilities team. You will be able to communicate effectively at all levels and be flexible and responsive in managing the competing demands of this varied and busy role.

    About The Warburg Institute:
    The Warburg Institute is a postgraduate research institute dedicated to the study of cultural and intellectual history. It is the premier institute in the world for the study of cultural history and the role of images in culture. A forum for scholars and students from Britain and abroad, it is internationally known for the cross-disciplinary principles on which its Library and Photographic Collection are based, its programme of teaching, advanced seminars, colloquia and lectures, its publications, and the research undertaken by its staff and Fellows. The Institute stems from the personal library of the Hamburg historian Aby Warburg whose research centred on the intellectual and social context of Renaissance art. In 1921 this library became a research institute in cultural history, and both its historical scope and its activities as a centre for lectures and publications expanded. In 1933 it moved from Germany to London to escape the Nazi regime, and in 1944 it was incorporated in the University of London. The Warburg Institute is now a member-Institute of the School of Advanced Study, which was formed in 1994 as a federation of nine of the University’s research Institutes in the humanities and social sciences. The Institute houses a Library of 350,000 volumes, a Photographic Collection comprising 350,000 images and an Archive which preserves the papers of Aby Warburg and the academic and administrative records of the Institute. The Institute offers two taught MA courses and a PhD programme and offers a number of short-term and long-term fellowships each year held by scholars from all over the world.

    You can find out more at:

    Further Information:
    For a full job description and to apply, please click on the link below.

    The deadline for applications is midnight on Wednesday 16 September 2015. Interviews will be held on Tuesday, 29 September 2015.

    The University offers membership of the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL).

    Pursuing equal opportunities and excellence in education.

    Opportunity type: Job
    Reference number: 000086
    Warburg Institute
    Closing date: 16/09/2015
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All the SAS member institutes welcome proposals for the 2015-16 British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships scheme. The deadline for submitting outline applications is 15 September 2015. Further details.


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