Tuesday 16 June 2015

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Tuesday 19 May 2015

  • Soup’s on: a taste of the future

    Human Rights Consortium

    Want to see what’s cooking among emerging human rights researchers? All will be revealed at Research SOUP, a novel human rights competition at the School of Advanced Study’s Senate House headquarters on 3 June (6.30–8.00pm).   Organised by the School’s Human Rights... read more

  • Poverty is key to pandemic threats, warns visiting NZ-UK Link disease expert

    School of Advanced Study

    Michael Baker, New Zealand’s leading infectious disease epidemiologist, is amazed that the occurence of pandemics such as the Ebola crisis in West Africa continue to surprise us. A visiting professor from the University of Otago, he said there are more than 1,400 known human pathogens and... read more

Tuesday 12 May 2015

  • Don't make a meal out of insects

    Institute of Philosophy

    Anyone for beetle dip, ant tacos, cricket fried rice? No? That doesn't surprise researchers from the University of London’s School of Advanced Study (SAS). Their blunt advice to those worried about dwindling food supplies is simple. Don't make a meal of the insect ingredients - you... read more

Tuesday 05 May 2015

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Tuesday 24 March 2015


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