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Since its foundation in 1947 the librarians at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies have been concerned with how best to provide a library service for postgraduate researchers in law from across the country - despite the ilbrary being based in central London. Lisa Davies introduces Law PORT and its collection of online training resources - a new project aiming to try and bridge this gap.

Talking Humanities is the School of Advanced Study's flagship digital publication and covers groundbreaking humanities research throughout the UK.


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Indenture to Windrush - Oral History Panel

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Indenture to Windrush - Oral History Panel

In this live oral history event, migrants and their children discuss their experiences as minorities within a minority, living and working in a British society which is on the whole unaware of the Indian and Chinese presence in the Caribbean.  


Latest podcast: Music in Migration Histories - Indentureship to Windrush