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The ‘Madonnas and Miracles’ exhibition at Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum is a highly successful example of how interdisciplinary research can be brought to the attention of the general public in a manner both accessible and scholarly. Valeria Vescina explains why she thinks this pioneering showcase subtly and yet boldly debunks facile dichotomies.

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Ways of seeing law: What can art history tell lawyers about their discipline?

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Ways of seeing law: What can art history tell lawyers about their discipline? 

Professor Linda Mulcahy, from the Department of Law at LSE focuses on the implications of us moving beyond the law of art to the more complex territory of law and art and, will explore the value of the image as a source of information about law and legal phenomena. 


Latest podcast: The Politics of Poverty: The Child Poverty Action Group, 1965 - 2015